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  • Valentin Rapp

    Bergzeit launches second-hand platform


    On June 1, 2022, the German mountain sports e-tailer Bergzeit launched its own online store for used outdoor clothing. At “Bergzeit RE-USE,” outdoor enthusiasts can get well-preserved and fully functional outdoor clothing. Second-hand shoes and outdoor gear will be added over the course of the year. “This is the only ...

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    Bergzeit relaunches its travel and alpine training offerings


    German retailer Bergzeit has revamped its range of travel and alpine experiences under the ”Bergzeit Erlebnis” label and will no longer operate as a tour operator, but as an agent only. The travel services were launched in 2018/19 with a soft launch as an add-on to the Bergzeit shop. With ...

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    Bergzeit relaunches website with focus on international business


    With a relaunch of its regional webshops (end of February in Benelux, U.K. and Italy, and mid-March in Germany, Austria and Switzerland), German retailer Bergzeit is pushing its internationalization. In addition to a cleaner look and feel, a more intuitive user experience was one of the main goals of the ...

  • Bergzeit_Oekostrom_Podiumsdiskussion_03_2022_6

    Retailer Bergzeit invests in community electricity, gets support from Patagonia


    A panel discussion in March at the retailer’s company headquarters made it clear what a contribution to the energy transition can look like and how important it is.

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    Outdoor Retailer Climate Commitment grows by five new big members to 10 percent of outdoor retail market


    Five more European outdoor retailers have joined the Outdoor Retailer Climate Commitment (ORCC), an open network of European outdoor retailers for more climate protection in the outdoor industry. With retail heavyweights Sporthaus Schuster, Sport Conrad, Engelhorn, Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports and Sport Pursuit, the network now unites around 10 percent ...

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    Outdoor Broker merges with Bergzeit GmbH


    With a clearance sale including discounts up to 70 percent, German overstock dealer Outdoor Broker is preparing its merger with Bergzeit GmbH. Outdoor Broker has already been working closely with Bergzeit GmbH at its administrative headquarters in Otterfing, Bavaria, since 2017. Due to the overlapping customer base, the two companies ...

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    German retailer Bergzeit donates €15,000 from special sales to social projects


    Following the recent adoption of its climate targets for the next few years, German retailer Bergzeit has held its yearly special sale of returned and sample goods in October 2021 at its store in Gmund, Germany. With the commercialization of otherwise unsellable merchandise, Bergzeit supports three social organizations in the ...

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    International group of outdoor dealers starts climate protection initiative ORCC


    A newly founded open network of outdoor retailers has started and signed a new commitment and initiative called Outdoor Retailer Climate Commitment (ORCC) to underline their will to reach the Paris Agreement global warming limit of 1,5 degrees Celsius. With the initiative, the founding group of European outdoor retailers – ...

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    Bergzeit Trails for Trees collects 1,443,000 vertical meters


    Source: Bergzeit Peter Naumann (Bergwaldprojekt e.V.) receives the donation from Bergzeit for 1,000 trees. In June, the German mountain sports retailer Bergzeit called on the trail community to run meters of altitude for a tree donation with the Trails for Trees Challenge . For ...

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    Bergzeit's bonus program cooperates with climbing app Vertical Life


    With the launch of its “ Bergzeit Club ” bonus program, the German multichannel retailer has stepped up its commitment to customer relationship management. Now Bergzeit is bringing a new partner on board with the climbing app Vertical Life , which offers valuable benefits for club members by allowing them ...

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    Bergzeit implements code of conduct for outdoor activities and suppliers


    Bergzeit , the German online outdoor and mountain sports retailer based in Otterfing near Munich, has published a four-page code of conduct for activities in the mountains aimed at its employees and external partners. In view of the growing recreational pressure in the Alps, the company wants to “be a ...

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    ​Bergzeit launches hiking campaign and shows results of hiking survey


    German multisport retailer Bergzeit is trading hiking as the trend topic in summer 2021 and supports it with a special hiking campaign that will run from April 13 to May 2. Existing customers are addressed via organic social media, newsletters, advertising space in the store and magazine. New customers ...

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    Bergzeit appoints new marketing director


    Source: Bergzeit Thorsten Eder Thorsten Eder has taken over as head of marketing at German multisport retailer Bergzeit . He succeeds Sara Hallbauer , who will leave the company at her own request at the end of March. Eder will lead a 30-person marketing ...

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    ​Bergzeit donates proceeds from sale of returned merchandise


    From the proceeds of a public special sale of returned and sample goods earlier this months, the German multisport retailer Bergzeit has donated €5,000 to the non-profit organization Bergwaldprojekt e.V. , a German organization for the protection, preservation and care of the forest, especially the mountain forest and cultural ...

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    Bergzeit to publish bouldering survey; launches online clinics


    Bouldering has experienced a greater increase in popularity than almost any other sport. “This is due to the general fitness and movement trend, which we, as a mountain sports company, have also been feeling for some time. Mountain sports today no longer mean just spending time in the mountains, but ...

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    Bergzeit receives EMAS certification


    The Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Munich and Upper Bavaria and the Bavarian Environmental Agency awarded the mountain sports retailer Bergzeit for its long-standing holistic environmental commitment that goes far beyond legal obligations. The company based in Otterfing near Munich received the EMAS certification on Sept. 25. ...

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    Bergzeit strengthens IT division and CSR management


    Bergzeit is strengthening its management team with Alexander Bednarz as head of IT. Bednarz is an internationally experienced e-commerce and software specialist. The graduate in business informatics will be responsible for the newly structured areas of business intelligence, online product management, software development and network systems. ...

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    Bergzeit creates more visibility for sustainable products


    With the start of the 2020 summer season, mountaineering specialist Bergzeit is focusing on greater visibility for sustainable products in its online shop. Under the project name “ MUT,” formed from the initial letters of “Mensch” (mankind), “Umwelt” (environment) and “Tier” (animal), and also the German word for “courage,” ...

  • 2020-03-20
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    Bergzeit wants everybody to stay at home


    Outdoor retailer Bergzeit from southern Germany has called on its customers to show solidarity and stay at home to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. “Of course, as enthusiastic mountaineers, it is difficult for us to keep our feet still and not be out in the mountains, in ...

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    Bergzeit’s new marketing campaign focuses on women


    Bergzeit , the German-based outdoor retailer that became a member of the buying group Sport 2000 in October last year, launched a new marketing campaign on March 8, International Women’s Day . The so-called mountain heroine campaign with the slogan “You are a mountain heroine. Always.” was launched for ...