After a two-year hiatus, Patagonia is returning to the slopes of Europe with its Worn Wear repair team for the 2022 Worn Wear Snow Tour. The Worn Wear trailer, styled like a tiny home, will travel to the Alps to offer skiers and snowboarders free repairs on broken zippers, tears, buttons, pulls and more at winter sports destinations in France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Italy (for all apparel brands; first come, first served).


Source: Patagonia

The tour trailer, which houses the necessary repair equipment, was hand-built from an original design to travel to the most challenging places in Europe. In addition to repairs, hot chocolate is available at the trailer, and the team teaches people how to repair their own gear, care for it, waterproof it, and overall use it for as long as possible.

The Worn Wear program was started in 2013 to encourage people to take care of their gear and wash and repair it when needed. Extending the life of our garments through proper maintenance and repair is the essential thing that can be done to reduce our impact on the planet. It also reduces the need to buy more over time - avoiding the CO2 emissions, waste production and water use required to make them. According to the British group WRAP, using clothes for just nine months longer can reduce your carbon footprint, waste footprint, and water footprint by 20-30 percent each because less is made and thrown away.

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