While Taiwan’s leading bicycle producer Giant Group communicates its half-year sales and profit, Taiwan’s second-largest bicycle producer Merida Inc. Co. Ltd. has only officially published its monthly value-based sales figures for the first half of the year. Merida achieved unit sales growth of only 15.11 percent in April, with declines of 8.88 and 14.24 percent in May and June, respectively. Whether this is due to a lack of deliveries of bicycle components or similar was not communicated. Nevertheless, Merida achieved consolidated sales of 15.30 billion Taiwan dollars (€467.5m-$550.0m) in the first half of the year. Compared to the first six months of last year, this is an increase of 18.92 percent. This good result is also due to the impressive sales in value terms in the first quarter. The months of February and March, in particular, stood out, with value growth of 60.91 and 68.14 percent, respectively.