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  • WayOut
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    The Way Out and the new outdoor business map


    The Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG) initiated a webinar day for its members in June to share best practices. In response to the question of what outdoor distribution might look like after Covid-19, Martin Kössler has summarized one of the webinars, adding valuable insights and key findings from SOG members’ surveys. ...

  • ATTA
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    The State of Gear Purchasing in the Adventure Travel Industry

    In May 2019, the Adventure Travel Trade Association ( ATTA ) conducted a survey of adventure tour operators and activity providers to learn about their current use of outdoor gear and apparel, factors influencing purchasing decisions, and future interest in working with gear suppliers. ...

  • tim-graf-ErO0E8wZaTA-unsplash
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    How to navigate external shocks like Covid-19 and come out on top

    Steering a safe course through the current crisis requires reliable, accurate and timely data on current market dynamics. Based on facts from its point-of-sales and distribution network, GfK’s latest insights report provides an understanding of the current impact of the global pandemic on consumer behavior, retail and supply chains and predicts the expected outcomes.

  • ISPO_Oberalp Study
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    Ispo study: Outdoor consumer is ready for sustainability


    On behalf of the Oberalp Group, Ispo has conducted a survey among 1,130 outdoor sports enthusiasts on the subject of mountain sports.

  • Screenshot_2020-01-17 50 Companies to Watch in 2020
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    Companies to watch in 2020 - Bloomberg


    Bloomberg has published its latest list of companies to watch in 2020. Of the 2,000 they tracked across all industries, the Bloomberg Intelligence analysts have identified 50 companies they expect either to release outstanding products or services or to face unusual challenges in the coming year. The only sporting goods/sportswear ...

  • Screenshot_2020-01-16 a-generation-without-borders pdf
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    Understanding Gen Z is crucial for brands and retailer

    Global strategy consulting firm OC C has conducted an in-depth survey of 15,500 respondents spanning four generations and nine countries to help brands and retailers understand this new and ever-changing generation. As previous generations of consumers inevitably deplete as they advance into old age, Gen Z ...

  • Screenshot_2020-01-15 Internet Trends 2019(1)
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    Internet trends 2019 - Mary Meeker


    Key Points Venture capital investor Mary Meeker’s annual internet trends report, which has become required reading for business leaders and investors After splitting with Silicon Valley investing giant Kleiner Perkins, Meeker started a new firm called Bond Capital, which has raised $1.25 billion so ...