Adam Brånby, chief executive of Woolpower, and his brother Daniel entirely took over this Swedish maker of outdoor socks and base layers from their father, Gabriel, at the beginning of this year. The brothers acquired nearly all the assets under the Gränsfors holding company, which owns Woolpower along with Gränsfors axes, crowbars and protective clothing for foresters. Only two units dealing with safety clothing in North America are still owned by Gabriel Brånby. While Adam Brånby heads both Woolpower and Gränsfors, his brother has started working at Gränsfors. Woolpower continues to make rapid headway in Sweden and other markets, which made up about 80 percent of its sales last year compared with only 20 percent a decade ago. Well known for its Swedish manufacturing of warm and insulating socks with terry loops, Woolpower has just launched a range of much thinner products, including boxers and briefs. Without terry loops but still made in Sweden, Woolpower Lite garments are composed of 80 percent merino wool and 20 percent polyamide.