The Finnish parent company of Salomon and Suunto is creating a new structure for Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany. Effective Jan. 1, there will be a Central Zone in place that will be headed by Armin Fuchs, until now the country manager for the Netherlands and Germany, a position he will keep in addition to his new role as chief of the Central Zone.

The new sales director in charge of this area will be Daniel Sprung, previously country manager for Austria, for Wilson, Suunto and Precor, whereas Fuchs keeps direct control over Salomon in Germany and the Netherlands. Suunto will be managed by Sprung for the whole region. Additionally, he will be in charge of Atomic in the Netherlands and Germany.

His successor as country manager for Austria is Stefan Schwarz, who will steer both Salomon and Atomic in that country. The same goes for Switzerland, where Andi Balz is the new country manager for the two brands.

Bruno Rüdisüli, country manager for Switzerland, has already left the company. For retailers, there will be no major changes in the four countries because the current sales representatives and contact people in customer service will stay in place. Frits Küper will remain in charge of the Salomon business in the Netherlands.