Asia Outdoor, the show scheduled to be held in Nanjing, China, on July 28-31, expects some 350 exhibitors, or at least 50 more than last year. Floor space is expected to be 30,000 square meters, requiring an additional fourth hall. The most prominent new exhibitor is Toread, the first Chinese outdoor company to be listed on the stock exchange. Other new domestic exhibitors are Pureland, High Rock and Snow Wolf. New western exhibitors are Wenger, Keen, Petzl and Béal among others. The organizers are optimistic that the World Expo held simultaneously in Shanghai will help the outdoor fair to grow to some 17,000 visitors from 14,400 last year. As of July 1, the Nanjing fairground will be connected by a bullet train to Shanghai, which will make the 350 kilometers in a little bit more than one hour. On the other hand, the editor of this publication, who has already booked his own ticket to Nanjing, advises readers to reserve quickly to avoid higher expenses for the flight to the show, due to the Shanghai Expo.