Black Diamond, the manufacturer or ski and climbing equipment, is starting off 2010 with some changes. It has launched its new business website that includes a blog with news from the industry and will be available in English, German and French, with content specific to the country of the user. It has also named a new sales team for Switzerland: Dani Frutiger, Simon Akermann and Sylvain Torriani. In addition the sales channels there have been realigned to Climb, Mountain and Ski; in the German-speaking regions of the country, Frutiger will handle Climb and Mountain, and Akermann will take care of ski, while Torriani will take care of all three segments in the French- and Italian-speaking parts of the country. Finally, the company has announced that Adam Ondra, a 16-year-old Czech climber, and Sonnie Trotter, a Canadian, have joined its team of athletes.