Canada Goose, the high-end brand for down apparel, gives a new structure to its European distribution. The Canadian company has appointed Jocke Südow general manager for Europe. He has been with Canada Goose since 1993 and has acted as its Swedish distributor. His office continues to take care of the Swedish market directly and will coordinate the distribution of the brand into Denmark, Germany, Iceland and Norway.

While other countries continue to be handled by distributors, the European office in Sweden works with agencies in the countries mentioned above: Denmark is covered by the NAG People agency and the Norwegian market by Summit AS, which is also in charge of Patagonia and Eagle Creek in the country.

In Germany, Canada Goose has just switched from the Unifa agency to TEC Trading, which is run by Guido Agustiniak and Volker Lefkes. The two also market their own brand of sustainable textile care, Fibertec, and act as regional sales representatives for Marmot Mountain. For Südow, the change was necessary after the former German partner focused on fashion shops, but somewhat neglected the outdoor specialty stores. In fact, Canada Goose addresses both retail channels. For Iceland, the brand is currently looking for an appropriate distributor.

Canada Goose is considering a new logistic system to get the merchandise shipped around in Europe. Currently, the brand delivers from a central warehouse outside Stockholm, but is looking for a new logistic partner located closer to the center of the continent. On top of its collection of functional outerwear, Canada Goose has just begun to test sales of a range of sheets and blankets which is, as of now, only available in Denmark and Sweden.