CLARIFICATION: When putting together the last issue of The Compass, its editor stepped into the trap of a tricky marketing strategy regarding the recently launched factory outlet center in Salzburg, Austria. We reported that the new center would offer a large variety of outdoor brands. This is actually the case, but we now see that a large number of the brands mentioned in the last edition of The Compass do not run their own stores in the outlet center. The source of the misunderstanding is the fact that Bründl, a major Austrian sporting goods retailer, has an outlet store in the center which offers a lot of different brands. We apologize for the misunderstanding and owe credit to Groupe Lafuma who helped to clarify the situation. The only outdoor-related companies which run their own stores at the factory outlet center are Columbia Sportswear (with Sorel) and Northland, the Austrian brand. The operator of the center has adjusted its own communication accordingly.