Cotswold, the British outdoor retailer, is speeding up its store openings as it continues to enjoy remarkable growth. The company has opened eight stores in each of the last two years and expects to have no less than 47 stores by the end of this year, which amounts to 11 openings for the year. Cotswold was acquired in 2000 by A.S. Adventure, the leading Belgian outdoor retailer, which later bought Bever Zwerfsport in the Netherlands as well. The group as a whole was taken over in 2007 by Lion Capital, an investment company, which is actively supporting the expansion of Cotswold. Another reason behind the acceleration of openings is the current situation of the British outdoor market, enabling Cotswold to seize more opportunities. The company reports double-digit sales growth so far this year, without any substantial damage in terms of margins. The surge in camping-related sales this summer has been useful for Cotswold, but the retailer indicates that the growth should be mainly attributed to stronger focus and tighter management.