In an open letter posted on the company website, Jonathan Cedar, BioLite co-founder and CEO, recently shared a major milestone in his company’s history: 1,400,941 people are living with clean energy access through BioLite products as of this year. According to Cedar, this achievement, already reached in September 2020, is the result of years of user-centric product development, building key last-mile distribution partnerships, and a business model that leverages its research and development team while stabilizing its growth trajectory. The more than 1.4 million off-grid users reached by more than 280,000 of BioLite’s clean cookstoves and solar home solutions are located in 23 countries across Africa and Asia, with 53 percent of those people living below the poverty line.

Cedar said the company was founded ten years ago with the belief that everyone, everywhere, deserves access to energy. “This milestone is proof that our concept works — that you can pair renewable technologies and an economically sustainable business model to transform the way families living off-grid access essential energy.” Other facts mentioned in Cedar’s letter include that BioLite families, no longer reliant on expensive and polluting fuels, will collectively save $94 million over the lifetime of their product; and that the collective 403,427 tons of carbon emissions avoided by these products are equivalent to taking 87,700 American cars off the road for a year; and that children will receive 120 hours of additional studying time annually thanks to reliable light after sunset. “Through our model of Parallel Innovation, you help us create this impact in an economically sustainable way. A year ago, I sent an email much like this where the number was 660,000; a year later and we’ve more than doubled our numbers. This is the promise of scale becoming a reality – especially amazing in a year like this one,” Cedar wrote. With “Parallel Innovation”, BioLite refers to the development of core technologies in cooking stoves for each market, based on the needs of customers. Therefore, the company reinvents stoves to meet these needs, generating sales and profits while adding value to people’s lives and reducing the impact of emissions on the planet. Cedar ended his letter with the words, “Thank you. A million times over.”