To meet the demand of many of its members for circular economy solutions, the Scandinavian Outdoor Group (SOG) has started a circular outdoor project called SOG Circular Outdoors a few weeks ago in collaboration with Peak 63, a development company based in Östersund, Sweden, with the goal of launching a pilot project next fall.

SOG’s project manager, Per Jonsson Öhlin, envisions a three-stage process: In stage 1, member companies analyze their current situation. Where do they stand in terms of progress, and what are their goals? In stage 2, they evaluate the available options. What kind of help can they get from specialized companies and larger companies within SOG, with its nearly 70 members? Finally, Stage 3 identifies joint initiatives or projects that will allow the companies to work together to take a circular approach and extend the useful life of their products. “There are currently ten members involved in SOG Circular Outdoors, and we hope to find one or more pilot projects that can serve as a platform for other SOG members to use in the future,” Jonsson Öhlin explains.

Because there are many obstacles in the process and it could mean a large investment, many companies are hesitant to get started. “Larger companies within SOG may have the resources to set up customer service for repairs and used equipment sales, but we also have small companies with only a handful of employees. And it’s more difficult for them,” says Joel Svedlund of Peak 63, whose company will manage the project for SOG. “Regardless of the size of the company, we’re confident the project will help our members be even more sustainable in many ways.”