With a checklist and advice for the ecological conversion of enterprises, the British Outdoor Industries Association (OIA) aims to encourage its members to be more environmentally aware and take concrete action. With the outdoor industry committed to net-zero carbon emissions by 2030 and an intact environment seen as vital to the survival of the entire industry, associations such as the OIA and the European Outdoor Group (EOG) are working on helpful tools to help their members improve their sustainability.

The OIA’s “Netzero 2030” carbon neutral pledge is divided into travel and transportation, energy and water, and ends with ideas for the workplace. Each section lists helpful tips that can reduce companies’ carbon emissions with even small actions, including calling for more home offices, less business travel, and even small actions like using LEDs in the office or having a vegetarian day in cafeterias.

On a larger scale, the paper urges OIA members to measure potential improvements in their supply chain (where the greatest potential for emission savings lies) and install a sustainability task force with effective accountabilities.

OIA recommends reaching out to its partner association, EOG, and community interest company Planetneutral for assistance in analyzing data and implementing carbon reduction measures.