The British Outdoor Industries Association is happy about the unexpected loads of snow that have fallen over the U.K. during this winter. Apparently, the unusual stiff weather conditions on the British Isles caught the locals quite unprepared and caused a run on the shops.

Managers of Cotswold Outdoor, the big British specialty retailer, have reported significant growth in sales of cold weather clothing items while Tiso, the large Scottish chain, even mentions some figures highlighting the promising development this winter season. Sales were up by 12 percent in December, mainly due to cold weather. At Tiso, turnover with hats and gloves was significantly up while footwear sales increased by some 50 percent.

The British vendors see no reasons to complain either: Regatta reports a 30 percent sales increase in December compared with the same month in 2008, apparently to strong reorders from retailers. Berghaus, too, confessed that the company had a very busy end to 2009 and sees the trend continuing.