Two big players in the realm of touring skiing are about to join forces for the winter 2010-11 season and beyond. Dynafit, a Salewa brand, has granted a license to Scarpa to use its “Quick-Step-In” insert. The core of that strategic alliance is to be partners in binding interfaces, meaning that Scarpa will be the only brand offering footwear compatible with Dynafit’s “Quick-Step-In” bindings except for Dynafit’s own footwear.

The new exclusive partnership is, however, limited to Dynafit’s flagship product, “Quick-Step-In”. The latter was introduced to the market in the 2008-09 season, being an interface exclusive to Dynafit boots and that Dyanfit claims to be able to facilitate the entry of the boot in the binding. While Scarpa has been granted the lead to be the only brand, a part from Dynafit of course , to use the “Quick” technology, all Dynafit’s bindings continue to be compatible with other touring boots brands such as Garmont, Lowa, Black Diamond and others.

The deal between the two brands should be seen against the background that both of them consider themselves to be global market leaders in their respective segments. Both sell a high five-digit number of pairs annually in the sectors of athletic touring-ski boots and bindings.