Twice a year the European Outdoor Conservation Association (Eoca) receives applications from conservation organizations with projects that they would like to be considered for funding. Voting takes place in March and October each year. Eoca draws a shortlist of projects which the public can vote for online. The shortlisted projects are divided into three categories which include Nature, Outdoor and Alpine.

The winners of the autumn 2015 vote are: “From Logging and Poaching to Adventure and Tourism,” West Sumatra - nominated by Exped; “Protecting Old-Growth Forests in Sweden,” nominated by Norr; and “Suilven Path Restoration,” Scotland, nominated by Berghaus. These three projects will receive Eoca funding as a result of the vote.

Eoca said that a total of 32,716 votes were cast in this session. All of the shortlisted projects addressed a threat to a species or a habitat and have a link to the outdoor user. There were 14 more shortlisted projects which Eoca will not be able to fund. The interested Eoca members can contact the organization in case they wish to fund any of these projects and become a Summit Member of Eoca.

The next public vote will open online on the Eoca website in March/April 2016.