The European Outdoor Group (EOG) has completed its report on the state of the outdoor business in Europe and its development over the 2008-10 period. The report has been made available exclusively to the companies that took part in a major survey of the market, but some interesting new figures have been given to the press.

The report covers 19 European countries, but fewer than the 11 product categories that were originally studied. The EOG says that a few very specific categories were dropped out in the end because of a small number of players in the field who were reluctant to give their figures this first time.

The EOG has refrained this time from publicizing its ultimate figures about the total size of the market, but it has provided some brackdowns. At the OutDoor show in Friedrichshafen last July, the organization had published a total figure of €9,677 million after VAT at retail. All the figures were subsequently digested by a panel of 20 experts to try to guess as closely as possibile the data missing from important players such as Décathlon and Jack Wolfskin.

The database is built on the basis of information given by 80 companies – EOG members and non-members alike. Only a few Scandinavian companies participated in the survey, but we at The Compass are going to try to obtain more data together with the Scandinavian Outdoor Group from the important Nordic European market through a major survey that we are planning to put out before the next OutDoor show. Mark Held, secretary-general of the group, says the group would be happy to have even more brands participating in the project next year.

The companies that have responded to EOG's survey so far are estimated to cover some two-thirds of the entire market. Additionally, the survey was supported by 20 experts who commented on their respective categories.

The EOG has agreed to share the breakdowns of the European outdoor markets - by product categories and by countries - that have resulted from its study. According to the survey, 50 percent of the market goes to apparel, followed by footwear with a share of 25 percent.

Equipment makes up the rest, led by backpacks with a share of 6 percent, followed by tents with 4 percent. Climbing equipment contributes 3 percent and sleeping bags 2 percent. The other 10 percent goes to “other” types of products including accessories.

Geographically, the European market is led by Germany with a share of 23 percent. In second position is the U.K., enjoying a share of 15 percent when combined with the Republic of Ireland.

Another big market is France with a share of 14 percent. Italy and Switzerland each represent 6 percent of the market, followed by Austria at 5 percent.

A couple of other markets secure a share of about 4 percent each including the Benelux countries, Spain, Norway, Russia and Sweden. Finland has a share of 3 percent; Denmark, the Czech Republic and Poland of 2 percent.

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