Gregor Common, global sales manager for Amplid Snowboards, has taken on the additional role of global sales manager for Pally’Hi. The merino clothing brand was founded in 2013 by former professional snowboarder Peter Bauer, who is also the founder of Amplid. Unit manager Johannes Ritter, who was previously responsible for Pally’Hi’s global sales, will assume responsibility for the brand’s design, production and supply chain management.

“Pally’Hi’s sustainable approach to fabric sourcing and production, stylish minimalist design and expedition-free look of outdoor apparel really hits the mark with consumers,” said Common. “I’m very excited to add softgoods to my sales portfolio.” Common will begin operations immediately, based out of Nuremberg, Germany.

Ritter is looking forward to investing his resources solely in the product itself, „finding the right manufacturing partners that have the same ecological consciousness as we do requires full attention. Also, our collection is becoming more complex on the fabric side; mixing merino fabrics with bamboo or hemp fibers can become very scientific.”