Shimano is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year with a new centennial website and photobook, which look back at the company’s product and technology achievements. Founded in 1921 by Shozaburo Shimano, the company has now grown to employ more than 11,000 people. The centennial website features photos and videos of 100 iconic products, accompanied with details of the founder’s story and the activities that the company engages to support the cycling community. Customers can take part in a global photo contest to share their joyful experiences riding bikes. The contest will run from March through September, split into multiple rounds and with different themes during each session. Prizes will be awarded throughout the contest and will include the limited-edition Shimano 100 Works photobook, only available in 2,000 copies.

Meanwhile, the company has announced various changes in executives’ areas of responsibility. Kinji Kiyotani, who is currently SVP and head of the fishing operations division and VP of domestic sales for the division, has added the responsibility for overseas sales in the division. Gozo Shimano, currently VP and head of the Shimano Digital Manufacturing (SDM) development department, has been appointed VP of the planning department (fishing). Takeshi Kuroiwa, the current VP of the new partnership and communication planning department and marketing department of the bike components division, has been appointed VP of the new partnership and communication planning department (bike). Finally, Yuzo Shimano, currently VP of the planning department and overseas sales department (fishing), has been appointed VP of marketing (bike). The new appointments are effective April 1.