The editor of this publication would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Eugenio Di Maria, the publisher of The Compass, for the 20th anniversary of his company, EDM Publications, which was born in early December 1989. He is also the publisher of SGI Europe, which has been successfully put out since then. The whole team is going to celebrate this anniversary in the Champagne region next week. That does not really sound like an outdoor event, nor like a survival trip based on coffee and tea.

When this editor of The Compass went to Paris to present this project to Eugenio in spring 2008, he was impressed by the publisher’s positive reaction: “Shit, again more work?” The good thing about our publisher is that he changes his mind from to time. After 30 seconds, his more subtle analysis of the suggestion was promising: “Markus, your idea sucks!” And after two minutes more, he was almost about to give his OK to The Compass: “It really sucks!” After a senseless debate of some 15 minutes more, a bad-mood comment gave way to the new newsletter: “Leave me alone with that stuff, we are gonna do it.”

Thanks for so much more than that type of encouraging euphoria. Thanks for great contributions, always helpful advice and for sharing with me your rich experience in setting up successful newsletters. The entire team that has helped to turn The Compass into a successful newsletter says “Happy Birthday!” to 20 years of EDM Publications.

The Editor