Fritz Berger, the German chain and mail-order retailer for camping and outdoor equipment, increased its turnover to €46 million in 2009 from €42 million in 2008. It reached an operating profit of €0.8 million. For the current year, the two joint managing directors of the company, Wolfgang Haas and Alfons Mertens (the latter joined the company this February), project a turnover of €48 million and an operating profit of €2 million. Sport-Fachhandel, the German trade magazine, reports that the increase in turnover will be partially due to four new store openings during April. The new shops, which have a total surface of 1,500 square meters, increase the overall door count to 45 stores. The company used to be a part of KarstadtQuelle (now Arcandor), which divested its camping branch in 2006. Since then, the owner has been Arques, a private equity investor that also bought a majority stake from Karstadt in Golf House, the country’s largest specialty chain for golf products. Every year, Fritz Berger puts out its camping catalog with a circulation of 700,000 copies and runs six franchise stores for Jack Wolfskin.