Seemingly unaffected by the economic turndown, Haglöfs, the Swedish outdoor brand, sailed past its goal of 500 million Swedish kronor in December, with 515 million SEK (€48.6m-$64.5m) in turnover for the full financial year in 2008. That was up almost 100 million SEK (€9.4m-$12.1m) from the 428 million SEK (€40.4m-$51.9m) in revenues generated the previous year.

The brand’s new goal is to hit the 1 billion mark by 2013, if it manages to sustain the annual growth rate of between 10 and 20 percent that it has had for the past 10 years. The German, Swiss and Japanese markets show most promise for expansion outside Scandinavia. The brand pulled off a deal last year in Switzerland to become the main equipment supplier for the Swiss Alpine rescue team.

The key to Haglöfs’ continued sales growth could be found in its successful visibility tactics and logistical strengths. During the past year the company has invested heavily in a functional logistics chain, started a new footwear segment, and taken on a new senior designer, Roddy Darcy, who is well known on the segment.

In keeping with the times in terms of ecological commitment, Haglöfs is busy implementing the Bluesign Standard under the direction of Lennart Svensson, the brand’s director of sustainability.Its U.K. satellite was re-organized during the year with a new sales team, a new manager and a new office in the Lake District region, where outdoor sports are a key activity.