Husky CZ has decided to appeal against a ruling by anti-trust authorities in the Czech Republic under which it was accused along with Penguin of fixing prices of tents, backpacks, sleeping bags and clothing in the Czech outdoor market. Other brands, such as Prosport, were absolved of the charges. The authorities asked Husky to pay a fine of around €100,000. A much lower fine of around €20,000 was assessed against Penguin. Husky has publicly stated that it never had any contractual arrangement with its trading partners to comply with any specific sales prices, and noted that recommended retail prices are a standard marketing tool used by most manufacturers and distributors. Husky has a significant market share in the Czech Republic, especially in camping, but company officials decline to provide a sales figure. The company has 10 corporate stores and 50 franchised or partner stores in the country. About 30 percent of total sales are now exports, following the signing of many new distribution deals in the last two years.