Messe München has signed a contract with the European Outdoor Group, represented by EOG’s president, Rolf Schmid, who is also the chief executive of Mammut Sports Group, and the federation’s secretary-general, Mark Held.

The agreement is for ISPO and EOG to continue to work together closely to provide a strong presence of the outdoor industry at the winter show. The deal is not limited to a certain period of time, but can be halted by either party after a minimum of three years.

Stefan Reschke, the sports show’s exhibition group director, moved over to become Messe’s regional representative for Austria and southeast Europe. He has been replaced by Markus Hefter, previously in charge of ISPO’s outdoor community. Unlike Reschke, Hefter’s job will be limited to ISPO’s European operations; the Far East business will be supervised by Tobi Gröber, the chief of Messe München’s shows for consumer goods.

Manfred Wutzlhofer, president of Messe München’s executive board, introduced Klaus Dittrich, a member of the executive board, as his probable successor. Among other functions, Dittrich supervises the operations of the consumer goods division. Wutzlhofer did not go into details about the date of his departure, but he will be 65 next year, and SGI Europe hears that Wutzlhofer is likely to retire by the end of 2009. Sources say that the date of his retirement and his succession are subject to a decision to be taken by Messe München’s supervisory board next April.