The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) entered a partnership with Ispo last February, leading to new joint initiatives around the new OutDoor by Ispo show. Founded in 1990, ATTA is a global organization with more than 1,300 members in over 100 countries, including national and regional tourism boards, tour operators, accommodation specialists, media, travel advisors, service providers, guides and also suppliers of outdoor gear. The association strives to drive thought leadership, industry promotion and opportunities to network and convene globally to for the health of the sector. ATTA's member constituency shares a vested interest in the sustainable development of adventure tourism.

Both Chris Doyle, the Executive Director of ATTA Europe, and Tobias Gröber, head of the Ispo Group, feel that the partnership opens new opportunities to retailers and manufacturers for outdoor and adventure sports companies. While there have always been clear linkages between the sporting goods and travel industries, they have had insufficient knowledge of each other in the past. The new partnership of the two industries is to create synergies between gear companies and tour operators as both address the same consumers. Outdoor tourists need gear.

As ATTA's members reach out annually to some 53 million outdoor consumers, including over six million active adventure travelers, the potential for fruitful collaboration is considerable. It's a target group that Ispo wants to tap into more for the benefit of its exhibitors and visitors as well as its own activities in the B2C market in the future. ATTA's research show that each adventure tourist spends about $1,500 before each trip on average on gear.

ATTA organizes several regional and international events as well as educational and training formats each year, and like Ispo, it runs its own online services. These can be used to connect the outdoor industry more closely with service providers and suppliers of adventure travel packages. Ispo wants to raise its international profile with this cooperation, especially in the U.S. and Canada as well as in Central and South America. In return, Ispo's trade fairs and digital offerings will allow the new partners to deepen their knowledge of the industry that produces and sells the gear, connecting with brands around the world and exploring new business opportunities, which will, in the end, save time and money. It will become easier to purchase staff outfits, branded merchandise or rental gear.

Outdoor gear and apparel companies that want to get involved with the tourism industry and benefit from the network can join ATTA as Adventure Travel & Outdoor Gear Suppliers, a title that won't come for free but offers many benefits, according to ATTA. This will include, in the short term, the opening of new sales and distribution channels, opportunities for match-making, networking and partnerships at ATTA events and meetings, additional media relations within ATTA's network of adventure travel journalists and influencers as well as in-depth knowledge.

As an example, the ATTA team is currently conducting a global analysis of adventure travel companies and their needs and interest in purchasing gear for their staff and their customers, and securing insights into special areas of interest for collaboration with the outdoor gear industry. The results of this survey are expected to be shared at OutDoor by Ispo in Munich, where the ATTA will host the Adventure, Tourism & Travel Summit in hall B6.

The adventure travel hub at the trade fair will also offer plenty of interesting content on the future of travel, economics and sustainability, a pre-screening of ATTA's “Adventure in motion” film contest, contact to tourism representatives hosted at OutDoor by Ispo by ATTA, and educational programs. It will offer a first taste of ATTA's larger travel industry events like its annual Adventure Travel World Summit (ATWS), which sells out in advance each year. At its upcoming summit in Gothenburg, Sweden (Sept. 16-19, 2019), ATTA and OutDoor by Ispo will launch their inaugural “Outdoor Gear Showcase,” which will be realized with partners and sponsors from both industries. A similar event is organized in North America each year.

Together, ATTA and Ispo should be able to leverage the experience for the benefit of outdoor gear vendors and adventure travelers alike. As Gröber puts it, there is only one consumer budget and the two industries are competing against bigger industries.