Benefiting in part from the shutdown of Cébé’s sports-related activities, the French company that owns the Julbo brand of eyewear will enjoy a big boost in its turnover this year to around €20 million. That will include sales of €16 million under the Julbo brand, up from €14 million last year and about three times the level of 10 years ago. One-quarter of the turnover is represented by sports eyewear.

The company, which bought the molds of Cébé, is targeting the sale of 200,000 ski goggles for next year. It will deliver around 750,000 pairs sunglasses and nearly 100,000 ski goggles in 2008. About half of the turnover is outside France. Three-quarters of the production is taking place in the Jura region of France, where Julbo employs 70 persons.

Celebrating its 120th anniversary, Julbo is launching a new nature-inspired marketing campaign around the tagline “The world needs your vision.” Ueli Steck, the Swiss extreme climber, is now one of Julbo’s testimonials and advisers.