The Katadyn Group, clear global market leader in the business of portable water purification solutions, recorded another year of growth for 2009. Sales went up by 2.7 percent and reached 38.2 million Swiss francs (€28.4m-$36.6m). The operating profit was CHF 6.1 million (€4.5m-$5.9m).

The company says that it reached an OK result since the economic environment was difficult and it suffered from currency exchange effects to the U.S. dollar. On the other hand, Katadyn took advantage of strong sales through its Mexican distributor in a country where water purifying solutions were badly needed last year.

In other markets, Katadyn’s business looked different: Sales in China have been satisfactory since the second quarter. Europe suffered from a lower income from the OEM business as well as from the group’s dropping business with plastics processing and manufacturing, which was down by 40 percent.

The group’s U.S operations did not manage to repeat the success of the previous year since the business in the marine segment was down. On the other hand, sales of portable purification solutions were strongly up, especially in the categories of emergency provisions and online sales. In America, Amazon became the third-largest customer of Katadyn during 2009.