The 105-year-old Spanish brand of stainless steel and aluminum bottles says it has been able to reduce wholesale prices for its cylindrical aluminum bottles by around 40 percent from those charged in 2016 by installing a new production line at its factory in Murcia last year. The investment has also raised its capacity for this kind of product four times over.

Laken, which also makes food containers, entered the running segment last year by launching a new line of flexible TPU bottles for road and trail runners, the Rider Flask, which has sold well and has allowed the company to enter a new retail channel.

Meanwhile, Laken has changed its business model in North America, setting up a B2B platform to replenish automatically the inventories in the warehouse of its local distributor, Laken USA. The results have been very good, says the management, although the new system requires much more dedication than a traditional importer, and more people looking after it.

Laken, which generates about 80 percent of its turnover outside Spain, has reported a 12.5 percent increase to €7.65 million in the past year.