The European Anglers Association (EAA) has joined a call to halt hydropower projects currently planned on a network of glacial wild rivers in Austria’s East Tyrol region. The Isel Manifesto, signed by 41 other organizations, asks instead to create a new nature reserve and the introduction of naturalization and species protection measures. Other structures previously built in the region have already led to the collapse of some fish stocks. The whole Isel basin would suffer further damage if seven hydropower plants became a reality, the EAA said. These structures would disrupt fish migrations and jeopardize biodiversity. The Isel is the largest free-flowing river in Austria. With its tributary glacial rivers Kalserbach, Tauernbach and Schwarzach, it forms a network of wild rivers in the Austrian Alps that serves as a haven for several endangered animal and plant species. WWF Austria and the VEO (East Tyrol Recreation Landscape Association) initiated the manifesto to protect the East Tyrolean glacial rivers.