Macpac, the New Zealand brand of high-end outdoor equipment, has appointed Ideavelop as its European distributor, effective in September. The man in charge of the New Zealanders is Niels van Rossem. Ideavelop is already the agency of Macpac in the Benelux countries and the north of Germany. Ideavelop now has the distribution rights for all of Europe, but will concentrate in the beginning on the Benelux countries, the U.K., the German-speaking countries and Scandinavia.

Macpac has always been welcome in Europe’s specialty core shops but it has failed to provide consistency in its European distribution over the past decade. Distribution was safe until two years ago when the brand had an international sales manager, Frank Spiewack, who then switched to Icebreaker, the other important kiwi brand in the business.

Spiewack left when Macpac was acquired by Mouton Noir, a strong local retailer that operates 15-odd specialty stores in New Zealand and Australia. After the acquisition, Mouton Noir put its focus on filling its own stores with Macpac gear and a somewhat neglected international distribution.

This is going to change with the appointment of Ideavelop. During the past two years, Macpac left the local agents in various European countries in place and retailers could order directly at the Christchurch-based headquarters. Ideavelop has its own warehouse in the Netherlands and will act as a regular importer for Europe.

The Dutch have some experience in the distribution of brands from New Zealand. Ideavelop sells brands such as Kiwi Traveller, Toi and Phil&Teds in the region. Additionally, it is the representative of Wild Roses in its home country and of Royal Robbins in northern Germany.

As for Icebreaker, Ideavelop is in charge of the Netherlands and Austria. Currently, the company also covers northern Germany on behalf of Icebreaker, but both parties agreed to halt their deal for the northern German region effective end of this summer season.