Mammut and Ortovox have amicably settled their patent infringement case over Mammut's ?Pulse Barryvox? device outside court. A German court ruled back in October (The Compass, Vol. 3, 23+24) that Mammut hurt Ortovox' patent (DE 10 2004 027314). While Mammut argued then that the compass function in its ?Pulse Barryvox? was a simultaneous product development with Ortovox' own efforts on its ?S1? device, the court decided that Ortovox was right in terms of patent claim procedures before the German Patent Office. The court ruled that Mammut's German subsidiary had to stop the sale of ?Pulse Barryvox? immediately. The two companies have now agreed that Mammut acquire the global and infinite license from Ortovox for the use of the latter's technology. In return, Ortovox will halt any claims over the patent infringement toward its competitor. As a result, Mammut is now allowed to continue selling the ?Pulse Barryvox? again in Germany and beyond with Ortovox' consent.