The topic of “Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage” will be discussed at a panel organized with the collaboration of the Outdoor Industry Compass on Tuesday July 2 between 11 and 12 AM in the Retail Lounge of the OutDoor by Ispo show. Located in Hall A4, booth 40, the Retail Lounge will also be the venue for our own stand at the fair.

More and more companies are investing in this area, responding to a rising environmental consciousness in the population at large, particularly among outdoor enthusiasts. This March, a new sustainability-focused e-commerce platform entered the outdoor market in Sweden. It is called Vindpinad and its aim is to help consumers choose more sustainable products. It is currently only in Swedish, but there are plans for an international presence.

Run by Oskar Knubbe, who formerly worked as head of sales at KPMG's Swedish office, is the result of one and a half years of work on developing the business model, making purchases and starting up the e-commerce site with the sale of only selected products that have passed through a rigorous evaluation. Initially, products are being sold from a number of Swedish brands including Nudie Jeans, Houdini, Klättermusen, Lundhags, Woolpower, Sätila, Röjk and Springyard, plus Grangers from U.K. The ambition, however, is to also include brands from other countries. In a longer perspective, the evaluation model may also be applied to other segments. Vinpinad's evaluation method for environmental and social sustainability requires good cooperation from the brands that want to be on the platform. In addition to publicly available information, it requires supplementary information about everything from control of the supply chain to packaging and transportation as well as future opportunities and challenges in the area. All the data is compiled and each product receives a score. To ensure the quality of the evaluation, a number of external experts have been consulted. The long-term goal is to contribute to reduced consumption by encouraging customers to invest in long-lasting products and to maintain the product to further increase its lifetime.

Vindpinad is based in the small town of Kullavik on the west coast of Sweden, but will soon move into new premises within a renovated textile mill on the outskirts of Gothenburg. In addition to its offices and warehousing facilities, it will also have a showroom combined with a physical retail store in the same area, where the Naturkompanied chain of the Fenix Outdoor group has just opened one of its own stores.