Oberalp's sales rose by 5 percent in 2018 to €220 million. About 75 percent of the turnover was generated by its house brands, led by Salewa, whose revenues rose only slightly because of a major clean-up of the brand's distribution in the past three years that helped the company to generate higher profits. Salewa is still the company's biggest brand, with sales of more than €80 million, but Wild Country has the widest international distribution.

The highest growth rate was achieved by Pomoca, Oberalp's brand of ski skins. Its sales are now five times greater than at the time of its acquisition by the group, making it the global leader in this relatively small segment. Its biggest market is in the U.S. Dynafit has also been growing nicely with the development of its speed hiking shoes. Oberalp is working on a dedicated new head office for the brand.

The remaining 25 percent of the group's revenues stem from its longstanding wholesale distribution business in Italy. Aside from Speedo and other foreign brands, Oberalp is pushing strongly the distribution of Under Armour in Italy, where the brand has reached a recognition rate of 5 percent, notably through the opening of new single-brand stores.