Source: T-Systems

Ever since the new Luca app, developed by the team around German rapper Smudo, appeared to offer a more straightforward, anonymous and faster tracking option than the German government’s ”Corona Warn App”, other market players have also been working on solutions to make everyday business safer. While Luca works with a smartphone, T-Systems, a Deutsche Telekom company, has developed a device that detects Covid-19 infection chains independently of a running cell phone and also works as a reminder to keep an appropriate safety distance. The new system could potentially be a supporting feature for events such as trade shows, conferences and meetings. The innovative device is called the Enterprise Protection System (EPS). Hockey clubs in the German Penny DEL have already successfully tested the system. T-Systems’ solution combines a tracking app with Kinexon’s SafeTag. The small device keeps people at a distance by warning them with a red light and a beeping sound when needed. It also registers contacts and indicates whether high-risk contacts were present. It processes data in a largely decentralized manner and users remain anonymous. Where necessary, EPS uses pseudonyms.