Japanese fiber specialist Toray Industries announced that it has developed a nylon fiber 510 (N510) composed of 100 percent bio-based synthetic polymers, analogous to the definition in section 3.1.5 of ISO 16620-1: 2015, the international standard for the bio-based content of plastics. The product, named Ecodear™ N510, is the first 100 percent plant-based nylon fiber from the Ecodear integrated brand of biomass-based polymer materials and products launched in 2013.

According to Toray, the various offerings of Ecodear N510 are primarily for sports and outdoor fabrics, but also extend to lightweight fabrics, cut and sew materials, and lace fabrics for innerwear.

Toray plans to start sales of Ecodear N510 textiles in Fall/Winter 2023, with initial production volumes of 200,000m by the end of March 2023, growing to 600,000m by March 2026. Sales of Ecodear N510 fibers are planned for Fall/Winter 2024, with an expected monthly supply of 3 tons per year by March 2024.

Unlike other pure plant-based nylon grades available on the market, Ecodear N510 has a high melting point and excellent dimensional stability, Toray says. It is as strong and heat resistant as nylon 6, allowing companies to create products that are sustainable without compromising performance.

Ecodear N510 is part of the Toray Group’s efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.