Unisync Group Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canada’s Unisync Corp and a leading provider of full-service, managed apparel programs for major corporations and government-related entities, has entered into a preferred partnership agreement with Helly Hansen for all tenders and contracts in the Managed Service Industry sector across Canada. The agreement signifies the introduction of Helly Hansen brand workwear products – professional apparel and footwear – in contracts across all industry sectors where Unisync is the market leader, such as Defense, Airline, Corporate Imagewear, Law Enforcement, First Responder and EMS. Helly Hansen Workwear is basically the division of the Norwegian brand Helly Hansen, which is now owned by Canadian Tire, that started it all: apparel for workers – since 1877 for fishermen, later also for workers on oil rigs and in other harsh environments where the clothing must be, above all, waterproof and warm. Today, features such as flame retardancy and high visibility are added, and Helly Hansen technologies known from sports, such as Helly Tech or Lifa, are also applied to the workwear. Helly Hansen already has a long history in the sports sector as the outfitter and partner of various emergency services (rescue services, etc.), ski resorts (staff, events such as the Kitzbühel Hahnenkamm race, etc.) and organizations (ski and sailing teams, etc.). Hence also the claim of the brand, “Trusted by Professionals.”