The Regatta group, the British owner of the Regatta, Dare2B and Craghoppers brands, is preparing to open its own business in Sweden this year. The group is searching for the right manager for this new sales subsidiary, which could cover Sweden as well as some other Nordic countries and the corporate market.

Regatta, the group's medium-priced outdoor apparel brand, and Dare2B, its younger snow sports apparel brand, are already distributed in Finland by Greendoor, a company selling a gaggle of outdoor brands. The Regatta group will study distribution in all other Nordic markets, although the Regatta brand faces some trademark issues in Norway, where the name was registered by a company specializing in flotation aids. That company also uses the brand name for garments, albeit for very specialized products with life jackets inside them.

The Regatta group is already active in most European countries. Its turnover in foreign markets advanced by about 20 percent in 2011, led by Eastern Europe, the Netherlands and Germany, and they make up about 40 percent of the group's turnover.

Few outdoor brands have managed to break into the Swedish market so far, and several of them have retreated. However, Regatta intends to adopt a strategy focused on the margin offered to retailers. The group is known to have offered multiples of more than three for special promotions and when required to take shelf space in some European countries. Regatta describes itself as the largest producer of fleece in Europe, among other products, which enables it to be more flexible in terms of pricing. The trends, pitfalls and opportunities of the Swedish outdoor market are analyzed in our Nordic outdoor report, which was introduced at the OutDoor fair.