Outdoor clothing retailer Bergans of Norway is the latest brand to announce its sustainable alternative to Black Friday. Bergans will be hosting a second-hand sale and breakfast in its flagship store in Oslo on Friday, Nov. 25. So far, over 700 people have shown an interest in the event on Facebook, which will serve up buns, juice and coffee along with bargains.

“We buy twice as many clothes as just 20 years ago and use them for twice as short a time,” said Yngvill Ofstad, sustainability manager at Bergans. “With this event, we want to show that it is entirely possible to make your hiking clothes last longer, even if you don’t want to wear them yourself anymore. They can have a long and good life with a new owner.”

Over recent years, Bergans has chosen to use Black Friday to focus on circular consumption. Last year they cut VAT on repairs, leading to an overwhelming number of repair orders. The second-hand sale on Friday will last throughout the day as long as there are used items left, and Bergans continues to have second-hand items available throughout the year.