Swedish outdoor retail chain Naturkompaniet – with German Globetrotter and Finnish Partioaitta part of the holding company Frilufts Retail Europe AB, which again is part of Fenix Outdoor International AG – has announced that it will enter the Norwegian market. To do so, it has recruited Simon Larsen from Carlings, a Scandinavian retail brand and market leader in denim, with stores in Norway, Sweden and Finland, as country manager. Larsen was most recently operations manager at Carlings, responsible for 225 stores and 1,500 employees in the Nordic region. Naturkompaniet had already tried to gain a foothold in Norway a few years ago by acquiring a majority stake in Norwegian outdoor retailer Skandinavisk Høyfjellsutstyr, but was unsuccessful at the time in integrating the chain into its group. Then, last January, Naturkompaniet once again revealed that it was looking to expand into Norway, this time with a well-planned omnichannel concept. With its multi-brand outdoor offering, Naturkompaniet will clearly stand out from other outdoor shops in Norway. The locations of the first physical stores were not yet disclosed. The Norwegian webshop is expected to go online after the summer.