Satmap, the British marketer of GPS solutions, is about to enter the U.S. market. It has joined forces with National Geographic Maps to offer selected maps of some of the most popular American outdoor arenas. Additionally, Satmap’s handheld GPS device, “Active 10,” is now available in the U.S. The entire material of maps comprises “Topo! USGS” of topographic maps, “Adventure Maps” of international travel maps and “Trails Illustrated,” a series of maps describing the most popular national parks and recreational areas in the States. The deal between Satmap and National Geographic Maps brings the “Trails Illustrated” into a GPS device for the first time ever. For the time being, Satmap offers 14 maps covering some outdoor-relevant U.S. states and regions such as Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon, New England and Utah in the “Topo! USGS” format. “Trails Illustrated” is available, as of this writing, for the well-known national parks, the Sierra Nevada in California and the southern Appalachian Mountains. More trails are set to hit the market in the next months.