Outdoor-Profis, the group of core outdoor retailers in the German segment of Sport 2000, increased sales by 16.8 percent last year to roughly €50 million at retail prices before VAT. The number of members has grown since the last OutDoor show to 81 retailers now, up from 73.

At this month’s show, Outdoor-Profis (OP) is presenting the Gentic brand, which the group acquired from Odlo at the end of last year. While the apparel brand is only for OP members as an exclusive label in Germany, the collection can be ordered by retailers from abroad. Olaf Wittayer, the managing director of the group’s headquarters, says that this concept is “selective distribution”; the brand will be sold outside Germany to good outdoor specialty retailers or sports retailers with strong outdoor departments.

Wittayer sees a big difference between Gentic and traditional exclusive labels: While the traditional brands are usually price-aggressive, Gentic is positioned as a quality apparel brand. For the textile collection, it uses branded materials such as Polartec, YKK and Suplex. Still, retail prices are estimated to be 10 percent below those of the top brands.