Teijin, the polyester fiber manufacturing group based in Japan, has developed a new fabric that helps skin maintain a healthy pH level. It is the first company to offer such a fabric, which will be unveiled at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market from Jan. 20-23 and at Ispo from Feb. 6-9. Teijin will start selling the fabric in time for the spring-summer 2012 season, expecting it to be used in sportswear and general apparel. Healthy skin has a mildly acidic pH level. Teijin modified polyester polymer to enable it to maintain its pH level even after repeated washing and wear. The fabric still retains polyester's qualities of water absorption and quickness in drying. It also helps prevent odors, and is antibacterial and stain-resistant. Other fabrics on the market do the same things, but by adhering certain chemical agents to the fiber post-process.