On 30 pages, Timberland has presented its latest report on corporate social responsibility. The purpose of the report is to make transparent the company’s achievements and future plans in the fields of sustainability, working conditions, global warming and partnerships with non-profit organizations. This is the sixth report since 2001, and it can be downloaded at www.timberland.com or www.earthkeeper.com.

The report says that the company has managed to reduce the emission of CO2 in its own manufacturing facilities and the ones of its suppliers by 27 percent over the past three years. Timberland sees itself as one of the first companies ever to record the consumption of energy in its entire supply chain.

During 2007 and 2008, the company’s employees had an impressive record of volunteer work for the sake of the environment. Altogether, Timberland’s staff spent 165,000 hours planting 390,000 new trees worldwide and repaired or built 644 kilometers of outdoor trails.

On the Earthkeeper website, the brand invites people to take part in “Voices of Challenge,” a forum for consumers, company executives and political decision-makers to improve the worldwide communication on environmental topics and social responsibility.