Tradeinn, the leading online sports retailer in Spain, has raised its sales by about 50 percent to €120 million last year, as it improved its retail platform and continued to expand the number of sports categories covered.

The turnover figure was reported to EFE, the Spanish news agency, by David Martín, Tradeinn's founder and chief executive. He said the retailer adopted a sustainable growth strategy that enabled it to be profitable almost throughout its ten years in operation as a multi-specialist sports retailer. About 80 percent of the sales were reportedly generated outside of Spain, mostly in other European countries. Tradeinn already reported a 50 percent sales jump in 2016.

Tradeinn features separate stores for 12 sports categories, such as Trekkinn for outdoor sports, Goalinn for football and Traininn for fitness, along with an outlet and a fashion store. The company was launched in 2008 after acquisition of the Scubastore, an online retailer specializing in diving products, but since then Trekkinn has become the part of the platform that generates the largest share of sales. Martín told the agency that the category makes up about 25 percent of sales, due to the fact that demand goes beyond technical outdoor products. The retailer boasts an offer of 700,000 products from 1,700 brands.

Among the priorities for this year is the development of Xtremeinn, the latest store on the company's platform, covering action sports with products for skating, surfing, snowboarding, scooters and more.

The action sports category was added late last year, just as Tradeinn was preparing to launch an updated version of its online retailing platform, to make it more efficient for international customers. Martín told CMD Sport at the time that the latest version is super-fast, it adjusts to any device used for online shopping, and to the navigation habits of the users. The objective is that the store should be fully customized for each user, meaning that the offering appearing on the site should take into account the type of web pages that the consumer most frequently visits and the type of products that he or she likes to check out.

Tradeinn invested in another sort of infrastructure last year by moving into an enlarged head office with a warehouse of 15,000 square meters in Celrà, Girona. The company employs 230 people, most of them in logistics.

The online retail group runs a stationary store in Girona and has no concrete plans to open any others, although Martín told EFE that he was open to opportunities that may arise in large European cities. Martín previously launched the electronic store of Eureka Kids, a toy retailer.

The 2017 edition of Observatorio Cetelem Ecommerce found that about 40 percent of Spanish consumers surveyed bought sporting goods online last year, up from 27 percent in 2016. Footwear was the category of sports products most often purchased online. About 54 percent of respondents said they bought sports footwear online, compared with 53 percent for apparel and 11 percent for fitness equipment, the third-largest category. The rate reached just 3 percent for ski equipment and 2 percent for golf equipment.

The same source is mentioned by Diffusion Sport for an estimate that 39 percent of consumers intend to buy sports products online in the next 12 months, which would be nearly twice the level of 21 percent one year earlier. The increase is even more significant in cycling, albeit from a smaller base. Only 4 percent of consumers intended to buy cycling products at the end of 2016, but the number increased to 13 percent in the latest survey. Online shopping remains far more developed for apparel and footwear, as the survey found that 64 percent of consumers plan to buy fashion garments online this year, and 59 percent intend to buy footwear online.