The organizers of the 20 major international sports events in France have signed the “15 environmentally responsible commitments to sporting events,” an ambitious plan with quantified targets, which commit the organizers of these events to the respect of the environment as a condition to host such events on French territory. The document was signed at the French Ministry of Sport in Paris on Jan. 12, in the presence of Thierry Braillard, the French Minister of State for Sport, Pascal Canfin, chief executive of WWF France, and representatives of the organizers of the events. Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) is one of the 20 signatories of the document.

UTMB recently issued a press release to announce this commitment while mentioning the series of initiatives it has been undertaking since the very creation of the event, in 2013, to make it eco-responsible. Actions include, among others, serving food at the refreshment posts that is bought locally, to avoid unnecessary transportation and to involve local businesses. One of the commitments featured in the new national charter involves precisely eco-responsible food supplies during the events, to promote both healthy foods - for the participants of the events and the public - as well as short distance distribution.

Besides UTMB, the other signatories of the charter include Roland Garros, Tour de France, Paris 2024 Olympic Bid Committee, French National Rugby League, Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris, Badminton French Open, Formula E Grand Prix, Paris EcoTrail, 2017 Men's Handball World Championship, 2017 Ice Hockey World Championship, 2017 Wrestling World Championship, 2017 Canoe-Kayak World Championship, 2017 Surfing World Championship, 2017 Water-Skiing World Championship, 2017 Paris Diamond League Meeting, 2018 Gay Games, 2018 Women's European Handball Championship, 2019 Women's Football World Cup, and 2023 World Ski Championships Bid committee.

This year's edition of the UTMB trail-running event will take place from Aug. 28 to Sept. 3, starting on Aug. 28 in Chamonix, in the French Alps.