Amer Sports increased sales by 20 percent in the third quarter to €559.2 million thanks to a strong performance of the winter and outdoor division, which benefited from earlier deliveries and higher pre-orders than the previous year for winter sports equipment. The top line of the Finnish group rose by 17 percent on a comparable basis.

Group sales increased in all regions, with growth reaching 6 percent to €203.8 million in the Americas, 32 percent to €300.0 million in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, and 16 percent to €55.4 million in Asia-Pacific. Comparable sales rose by 12 percent in the Americas, 22 percent in EMEA and 13 percent in Asia-Pacific.

Revenues at the winter and outdoor division increased by 32 percent to €395.7 million. At constant currencies, the rise reached 24 percent. Each product line grew except sports instruments. Sales of winter sports equipment was up by 39 percent to €185.4 million, footwear grew by 35 percent to €90.7 million, apparel by 38 percent to €69.5 million and cycling by 14 percent to €28.7 million, while sports instruments declined by 13 percent to €21.4 million. The sports instrument division was affected by divestments achieved last year. Sales of outdoor instruments were up by 9 percent.

Sales of winter and outdoor products increased in all regions, with the Americas up by 20 percent at €101.6 million, EMEA by 37 percent to €260.2 million and Asia-Pacific by 31 percent at €33.9 million. At constant foreign exchange rates, revenues rose by 22 percent in the Americas, by 25 percent in EMEA and by 23 percent in Asia-Pacific.

The Ebit margin, excluding non-recurrent items, of the segment rose to 20.0 percent in the third quarter from 19.4 percent a year earlier (read more in SGI Europe).