Miko, described as the lightest down men's vest in the world, has won one of this year's OutDoor Industry Awards. Weighing only 128 grams, it has been developed by Yeti with a special new high-tech fabric by Toray, called Next to Nothing 0.2, or NTN 0.2 for short. Yeti has also a women's model of the Vest, called Cross, that weighs only 98 grams.

Other winners of the OutDoor Industry Awards are to be announced on Thursday night during the OutDoor show.

NTN 0.2 is one of several new fabrics developed by Toray, which is introducing several new products at the OutDoor fair. Before the show, the Japanese producer said it would introduce a new product using Dermizax NXTM to be a light and breathable three-layer laminate that is also 100 percent waterproof. Toray calls a first and says it is the lightest laminate on the market, to be used on jackets designed for wind and rain together.

Toray also continues its sustainable work with the world's first highly functional down garment using Quix Down and the bio-nylon Airtastic. It meets the highest standards of ecology and functionality, and retains loft and function, even when it is wet. The outer material is made from renewable raw materials. Instead of packing the down into a waterproof container, Toray gives each feather a fine coating that keeps it permanently dry. The ultra-lightweight outer fabric is made from 50 percent biomass. Quix Down products are made in conjunction with ZKG International of Hong Kong.

And finally, Toray will be exhibiting a new compression material, Withitt Dry. The company says that it combines optimum muscle compression, comfort and advanced climate management. It was created for athletes who have heretofore avoided compression garments because they are uncomfortable and restrictive, and overheat in warm temperatures. Withitt Dry uses three types of fibers: Lycra for elasticity, an extra-fine polyester yarn, and a specially developed cross-section yarn that wicks moisture away as needed.