The German section of Sport 2000, too, announces good sales of outdoor products. For the entire group the outdoor category represented 20.8 percent of total sales from July 2009 to June 2010. In the previous year’s period it represented “only” 18.7 percent. The increase was €43 million at retail prices or 17 percent more than in 2008-09.

The Outdoor-Profis, the group of specialty outdoor retailers within Sport 2000, reached sales of €80 million in the same period or 7 percent more than in the year before. In the last 12 months, Outdoor-Profis won 14 new retailers, including the larger north German Unterwegs group whose sales figures made it into the total sales of the group just three months ago. Olaf Wittayer, the group’s managing partner and retailer from Limburg said that he intends to increase the number of affiliated retailers to more than 100 in the next 12 months. Currently there are 97.

It is interesting to compare the lists of top outdoor vendors to the general sports retailers of Sport 2000 and the specialty retailers of Outdoor-Profis. At Sport 2000, Jack Wolfskin is top, followed by High Colorado, the group’s exclusive brand, Lowa, Salomon, Meindl and Mammut. For the Outdoor-Profis, the leading brands are Mammut, Jack Wolfskin, Meindl, Vaude and Lowa. High Colorado ranks only at 11 since the specialty retailers are not necessarily keen on the lower price ranges represented by the exclusive label.

One reason why Wolfskin ranks “only” 2 on the chart provided by Sport 2000 Germany is the fact that some of the Outdoor-Profis run altogether 14 Jack Wolfskin franchises whose sales do not make it into the figures of the group’s centralized invoicing.