Bloomberg has published its latest list of companies to watch in 2020. Of the 2,000 they tracked across all industries, the Bloomberg Intelligence analysts have identified 50 companies they expect either to release outstanding products or services or to face unusual challenges in the coming year. The only sporting goods/sportswear companies on the list for 2020 are Anta Sports and Lululemon. According to Catherine Lim of Bloomberg Intelligence, Anta, China’s largest sportswear company, is poised to rival the respective market shares of Nike and Adidas in its home country within three years. The company is expected to speed up its expansion disproportionately in the run-up to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The $100 million investment from Lululemon’s founder, Chip Wilson, that was announced last June should also boost Anta’s global growth. Meanwhile, according to Poonam Goyal, senior U.S. retail analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence, the expectation that Lululemon itself will achieve double-digit profit growth by 2023 – driven by margin expansion and low teen sales growth – could underestimate its potential in personal care, experiential retailing and footwear. Goyal believes innovation will be the primary driver of results, along with Lululemon’s “Power of Three” push. This strategy, announced in April 2019, includes a plan to double revenues in men’s and digital and quadruple them internationally, according to Lululemon’s chief executive, Calvin McDonald.